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Connor's One Year



Happy Birthday Connor! Thank you to David and Jennifer for allowing me to be a part of Connor’s first year of life. I have truly enjoyed it and look forward to many more years. 


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Connor's 9-month Pictures

Connor came back to the studio this past Saturday to have his pictures taken as a 9-month-old (see him at 6 months here and 3 months here).

Connor glancing up at his parents. Jeremy Johnson Photography.

Connor sitting in front of the giant alphabet blocks. Jeremy Johnson Photography.

Connor sitting in the blue upholstered chair. Jeremy Johnson Photography.David throwing Connor up in the air. Jeremy Johnson Photography.

Look at how smartly dressed this family is. Connor even has a pocket square!

Jennifer and David holding Connor. Jeremy Johnson Photography.

This one makes me think of the old Coca-Cola ads with Santa. We had to bring in the wagon because now that Connor has mastered crawling, he always wants to be on the move and kept trying to crawl out of the picture.

Baby Santa in his Coca-Cola wagon surrounded by Christmas greenery. Jeremy Johnson Photography.

Happy Holidays to Jennifer, David and Connor! Thanks for another great session, and I look forward to seeing you in three months for Connor's first birthday! 

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Tessa  commented on  December 23rd, 2010

WOW!! They are so cute.. your guy did a great job.. :) what a great little family you have Jen and David..

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Connor's 6-month Pictures

All monkey. Jeremy Johnson Photography.

Yep, there is a baby in that monkey suit. Connor looked beyond awesome in this costume for his 6-month-old picture session (see his 3-month pictures here). I'll try to keep my "monkeying around" jokes to myself for everyone's sake.

Connor smiling in the monkey suit. Jeremy Johnson Photography.

Monkey Connor reaching for his dad. Jeremy Johnson Photography.

Connor in a Huskers chair, sporting a Huskers jersey. Jeremy Johnson Photography.

Good thing red's a pretty good color on him. He's going to be wearing a lot of it growing up!

Connor with his Husker-loving parents. Jeremy Johnson Photography.Connor sitting in the grass with a big grin on his face. Jeremy Johnson Photography.

Thanks to the proud, Husker-loving family for another great session! I look forward to the next one!

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Jennifer Michaelis  commented on  September 24th, 2010

I LOVE them!!!! Thanks Jeremy!!!!

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Connor's 3-month Pictures

Chubby-cheeked Connor came in for his first session of our Picture Me program.

Connor in the tub. Jeremy Johnson Photography.

Conner surrounded by rubber duckies. Jeremy Johnson Photography.Conner, the Husker fan, with baby's first football. Jeremy Johnson Photography.

His parents are raising him to be a Huskers fan, and he seems pretty happy about it.

Smiling Conner. Jeremy Johnson Photography.

Jennifer and David with Conner. Jeremy Johnson Photography.

Thanks, Jennifer and David. I look forward to seeing (and photographing) your son grow up!

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